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What to expect in ISS


In- School Suspension (ISS) Rules and Guidelines


In-School Suspension is a behavior reduction technique with which a student is removed from his or her classroom and required to work in an environment with a minimum amount of privileges. Each student is required to compete all assignments in a timely manner while in ISS. Students must realize ISS is not “Free-Time” but an alternative method of discipline in which students complete their classroom assignments and remain in school.


Class Rules


- Report to ISS (Room 88) by 7:28 AM – if you are late please get a tardy pass from the front desk

- No talking.

- Keep hands and feet to yourself; RESPECT others in ISS.

- Finish breakfast by 7:35 and dispose of all trash in the trashcan outside the ISS classroom door.

- Remain in seat at all times; sitting up straight, facing whichever way the desk is facing.

- No sitting on tables or on the table part of the desks.

- All desks and tables and floors must stay clean. No backpacks or purses on the tables or desks.

- You must work on assignments at all times. Once you have completed all assignments given by teachers and/ISS Instructor, student may read, write, or draw.

- All assignments must include your name, teacher’s name and date. Once complete assignments must be turned into ISS Instructor. If emailing the assignment to teacher, ISS instructor must be CCed ( FAILURE TO COMPLETE ASSIGNED WORK MAY RESULT IN EXTRA DAYS OF ISS.

- NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES MAY BE USED WHILE IN ISS - except for when they are required to complete a school assignment (Laptops only). Once assignment is complete, devices must be placed in backpack. IF STUDENT IS CAUGHT DOING ANYTHING OTHER THAN SCHOOL WORK ON DEVICE, THE DEVICE WILL BE CONFISCATED.

- Missed days (due to absence or emergency closing) must be made up on the next day of school, unless other arrangements have been made with an administrator.

- When in hallways with ISS instructor, students must stay with the class. Wandering off, entering or disturbing other classrooms, or getting behind are strictly prohibited.

- Restroom and water breaks are only allowed during designated times. Exceptions may be made in cases the ISS Instructor deems as an emergency.

- No eating or drinking in classroom except during designated breakfast and lunch times. Water, in a closed container, is the one exception.


ISS Schedule:

7:28 AM Be seated in classroom – you may begin any work you know you need to do, or read.

7:40 AM –Library – YOU MUST CHECK OUT A BOOK or grab a few magazines. You may also get a computer if you think you’ll need it for schoolwork during the day.

9:15 AM - Restroom break – restroom in Commons

11:46 AM – Restroom break and lunch – We go together, you get lunch, and we come back to the classroom to eat . You must be done and have trash put in the garbage bin by 12:15 PM

1:16 PM - Restroom break – restroom in Commons

2:45- Dismissal