SHS Laptop Pick-Up Information

SHS Laptop Pick-Up Information.


Please carefully read the following procedures for SHS laptop distribution.

  • Drive-up laptop distribution begins Wednesday, August 26, by grade level and the first letter of a student’s last name. See table below for schedule.
  • All tech fees must be paid in order to receive your laptop. Payments can be made at time of pick-up. Tech fees are a result of one of the following: missing or damaged charger, missing case, and/or laptop repair (e.g. screen damage, liquid spill). Invoices were mailed to home addresses on file.
  • You may pick up your laptop on or after your scheduled day but not before.
  • If a student turned their laptop in after July 1, their pick-up date is September 3rd.
  • Laptops can only be distributed to students or their parents/guardians.

Forms Needed - 

  • Please bring a signed copy of the Acceptable Use - Device Usage and Distribution Form. This must be signed by a parent/guardian. A copy may be found on the SHS website under School News
  • The staff will provide a distribution form that will need to be signed at pick-up acknowledging the condition of the laptop, charger and case. The form can only be signed by the parent/guardian or student.
Laptop days and times