GREAT Model of Remote Learning Expectations Grades 9-12


Isle of Wight County Schools strives to create a culture that focuses on individual growth in the area of citizenship for students, staff, parents and community members. We believe that citizenship is defined by the choices we make and actions we show each day.

As we implement remote learning practices we believe the best first step to success is being clear about what shared expectations for GREAT citizenship will look like for all stakeholders in this setting. We recognize a significant connection between the actions of our citizens and the success of our community in this endeavor. Our expectation is that our school community focuses on being GREAT every day!

GREAT Students should…

  • Check Canvas and your student email daily for assignments and teacher updates.

  • Be on time with needed materials and engaged for the entirety of all live class sessions. Log in 5-10 minutes before class begins. Students who are tardy to live sessions by 5 minutes or more will need to complete additional assignments in order to be counted present and may experience delays in being admitted to the Zoom session.

  • Students who are absent from a Zoom session will be required to watch and complete additional assignments within five days of the live session in order to be marked present.

  • Refrain from using any technology for non-instructional materials (cell phones, gaming devices) during live-online classes that would not be allowed during an in-person class period.

  • Actively participate in live sessions-make comments, ask questions. Do not have conversations with people (or animals) who are off-camera and turn cell phones to silent.

  • Actively participate in Distance Learning Days by completing Canvas or other teacher-directed activities. Advocate for yourself by contacting your teacher in a timely manner with questions or concerns.

  • Be in a quiet workspace, if possible, that is conducive to learning. Always have your computer on a stable surface when attending class (not on laps, bed, etc...).

  • Attend class as you would any in-person class. Do not attend class from an informal setting or in inappropriate dress. Beds and couches tend to lead to a more informal atmosphere that is not conducive to the class. We encourage virtual backgrounds. Students should dress to meet the expectations of the school dress code while in live sessions.

  • Be respectful of yourself and others. Students attending classes from inappropriate settings or engaging in behavior that is distracting or inappropriate will be dismissed from class and parents will be contacted.

  • Be visible. Screens should have an active video, but audio muted unless otherwise directed by a teacher during live sessions. Do not freeze or pause your webcam during class. Teachers will review protocols for students to engage in the discussion.

  • Contact the IWCS Technology Helpdesk @ 542-3322, if you are having technical problems.

  • Avoid capturing family members on camera to protect others’ privacy.

  • Complete assignments with integrity (no plagiarism or collusion).

  • Submit weekly assignments by teacher deadlines.

  • Participate in live class sessions. This is required and will be counted towards attendance and success in a course.

GREAT Parents may help by…

  • Supporting your student’s teachers in their online instruction.

  • Establishing routines and expectations for your student’s day to help provide structure for virtual learning- eliminating as many distractions as possible.

  • Defining the physical space where your student will study and attend class.

  • Monitoring student grades and incomplete assignments in PowerSchool and Canvas. Please contact your student’s guidance counselor for help in accessing PowerSchool and your child’s teacher for help in accessing their Canvas course.

  • Monitoring communications from your student’s teacher and the school.

  • Encouraging your student to do his/her own work so that teachers can evaluate his/her academic growth.

  • Advocate for your student by reaching out to teachers in a timely manner.