2023 IWCS State KidWind and Solar Challenge Results

SHS KidWind Teams 


Coaches:  Heather Greer and Adam Shipman


The High School KidWind teams were scored on the electrical output in 30 seconds in the wind tunnel, their presentation and an instant challenge which involved constructing a level floating offshore wind turbine model on a budget.


Team AirBenders:  Emma Forbes, Patrick Leslie, Katie Lutz, Liam Lutz, Jaylen Marble, Kyle Nester, Jackson Elliot


Team Goon Squad:  Nick Evans, Lindsey Greer, Aiden Hall, Shelby Huffaker, Jacob Miller, Eli Robbins


For the first time in Virginia KidWind history, two teams tied for first place!  Both teams had a perfect score in both the presentation and the instant challenge, giving them the edge over the second and third place Tabb High School teams. The teams took home the coveted Gold Turbine Blade trophy and $300.  Both SHS teams are invited to compete in the National KidWind Competition in Boulder, CO May 14-17.  If you would like to help our team get to the National Championship, you use our  GoFundMe, https://gofund.me/641c6617


Kidwind team


SHS Solar Teams


Coaches:  Heather Greer and Adam Shipman


The High School Solar Challenge teams were scored on a presentation in which they showed industry and collegiate judges their working solar device/model and an instant challenge in which they constructed a variety of solar arrays based on voltage and current. 


2nd place (won $200 and invited to National Competition) -- Team Hungry Chickens:  Peyton Bosmans, Jaxx Leibhart


The Hungry Chickens created a solar powered chicken feeder.


SHS Solar Teams


3rd place (won $100) -- Team Aztecs: (left to right) Ammon Rawlings, Aidan Gibson, Anthony Forwalt, Seneca Register, Timmie Edwards, Kevin Parker 


Team Aztec created a model of a solar powered farm that could test the moisture content of the soil and trigger an irrigation system.


SHS Solar Team