District Chorus

Congratulations to all students who auditioned for the District IV Chorus! Each student sang the solo “Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind” and sight-read a musical example for judges last weekend. We are so proud of everyone who auditioned! Students selected will learn 4 choral pieces for the District IV Choral Event on February 9 and 10, 2024. 9th and 10th grade Sopranos and Altos will sing with the Treble Choir. 11th and 12th grade Sopranos and Altos, and all Tenors and Basses will sing with the Mixed Choir. Singers selected from District IV will rehearse together on February 9 and 10, and will perform in a concert on February 10. These students also qualified to audition for All-State Chorus on February 8. Way to go, singing Packers! 

Students selected for District Chorus are as follows:

Mixed Choir:

Anthony Donato

Chloe Elmore

Tristan Freestrom

Avery Hiltz

McKeene Keith

Matthew Lebo

Kayla McMillian

Kevonte Morgan (1st alt.)

Meredith Pappal

Jordan Pollard (3rd alt.)

Jalacia Robinson

Makaila Spratley

Alexis Washburn

Sarah West


District Chorus


Treble Choir:

Olivia Austin (2nd alt.)

Jamiya Blaydes

Morgen Deibler

Abigail Sene

Abigayle Turner

Karagan Walke

Jordan Watkins

Alanna Williams


District Chorus