JROTC "Lunch and Learn" Event

The lunch seminar was held at the Main Street Baptist Church and sponsored by the Isle of Wight Museum and the Little Museum. The seminar began with each General Officer giving a brief career history and a reason why they joined the Army. Cadets submitted questions in advance to the generals and each chose their favorite questions and answered them. Following this format the Generals opened the floor to cadets to ask any questions they wished answered. The generals ensured they had answered each question to the satisfaction of each cadet. Following the open question session, cadets ate lunch with the Generals, who moved from table to table to talk on a more intimate level with the cadets.

This was an incredible opportunity for cadets to be able to speak directly to and frankly with the Generals. Each cadet left with a new perspective on the military and also what can lead to success in life. Cadet Command Sergeant Major Sophia Hewiit said, “The event was a wonderful learning experience. It Is nice to know these Generals took the time out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge with us. I truly believe all the cadets learned something today about themselves.”

The cadets from Surry and Smithfield would love to give a big thank you to Brigadier General Bettye Simmons and Major Generals: Michael Harrison, Wallace Arnold, and Frank Batts, and a special thank you to Mrs Jessie Linyear and Jennifer England from the Little Museum and the IWCS Museum respectively.


MG Michael Harrison talks with cadets from SHS

From left to Right: MG Michael Harrison, MG Wallace Arnold, MG Frank Batts and BG Bettye Simmons