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Insurance forms for Device

 The electronic device is property of Isle of Wight County Schools (IWCS)

 The electronic device is subject to inspection and search at any time by school employees.

 I am accountable for my electronic device at all times and take full responsibility for all damages or

 I am accountable for proper care of my electronic device to include (Protection of electronic device in
     case provided by IWCS, avoiding consumption of food and beverages near electronic device, avoiding
     the use of sharp objects that may damage the electronic device and protection of electronic device serial/
     manufacturer numbers).

 The electronic device should not be left unattended at anytime or used near water.

 I am to refrain from loaning my electronic device, charger, case, cords or other utensils to any other

 I am not to delete any school installed application or software on the electronic device.

 I am to follow the IWCS Acceptable Use Policy at all times.

 I am to bring my electronic device to school fully charged each day.

 I am to report any damage, theft, loss or vandalism to school administration immediately.

 I must report any knowledge of inappropriate use of my electronic device to a school designee.

 I agree to return the electronic device, case, charger and power cords in good working condition at the
     end of the school year, upon leaving IWCS or when my user privileges are revoked.