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Packer Block

Packer Block Changes:

Smithfield High School has some EXCITING NEWS! Packer Block is GROWING to fit the diverse needs of our faculty and students. The primary purpose of Packer remains the same, but how we use our time will change slightly to encompass a variety of student experiences that will further enhance the school culture. The following changes that will go into effect December 1, 2016:

Mondays, Wednesday, Friday (Enrichment Days)
Tuesdays and Thursdays (Remediation and Assessment Makeups Days)

In the new year starting on January 3rd, we will also be phasing in Friday's as Club Days. Students will have the opportunity every Friday to participate in club activities and meetings. These changes to Packer Block were derived from student, faculty, and community feedback.
 Packer block supports the Packer Focus Model: Learning Matters, Community Matters, Culture Matters!

What Packer Block Is…..

What Packer Block Is NOT…..

Academic Enrichment

Study Hall

Character Development (7 Habits)

Student Free Time

Advisory/Mentor Program

“Just” SOL Remediation

Student/Club Activities

“Just” Make Up Work

Community/Team Building

Teacher Planning/Grading Time

Develop and Apply Five Cs (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Citizenship)

Running errands, making copies, and/or visiting other teachers

Project Collaboration Time/Tuning

Graded (no graded assignments are given)

Participation Level=Fun, Meaningful, Interactive

Participation Level=Boring, Lifeless, Meaningless