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All levels of Spanish emphasize the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. Foreign language courses above year three, as well as all Advanced Placement (AP) foreign language classes, will be offered through Virtual Virginia.
Spanish I 55100G

The class incorporates an understanding of words and expressions in varied contexts, the use of acceptable Spanish in daily classroom communications, association of written with spoken forms of the language, and written responses to questions and directed statements. The geography of Spanish-speaking countries and comparative lifestyles are also studied.
Spanish II 55200G

Prerequisite: Spanish I

At this level, students focus on understanding and retaining familiar material in new contexts, refining pronunciation, stress, and intonation, reading for functional purposes, and writing guided paragraphs and dialogues. The class explores current events in Spanish-speaking countries.
Spanish III 55300G

Prerequisite: Spanish II

Third-year skills include dealing with increasingly advanced materials, communication of complex ideas and information in directed activities, expansion of vocabulary, and writing short compositions on assigned topics. Historical events in Spanishspeaking countries and the contributions of these people to American life are considered.
Spanish IV 55400G

Prerequisite: Spanish III

Objectives stress more formal presentations, the use of tone, mood, and inflection as they relate to communications,developing reading skills, and written reports on assigned topics. Students also study Spanish culture in some detail.
Spanish V 55500G

Prerequisite: Spanish IV

At this advanced level, students assume more responsibility for refining their communication skills, both spoken and written, practice reading with greater comprehension, and develop pronunciation skills. The study of Spanish culture is continued.