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Clinic Information

Isle of Wight County Schools recognizes the importance of the health and welfare of all students.  The student health program was established to address the health and safety concerns that may arise during school hours.
The school nurse is responsible for providing care and serving as a medical resource and health consultant for students, parents, and staff. The nurse reviews admission information, implements specialized health care plans, provides first aid, manages medications, counsels students regarding health issues, provides up-to-date training to faculty, performs annual screenings, teaches health related topics, and serves as a vital link between parents and health care providers.
  • Prescriptions: Form with medical provider and parent signature completed and returned to clinic before administration on medication. Bottle must be labeled correctly with corresponding medication. 
  • Over the Counter: Form with parent signature completed and returned to clinic before administration of medication. 
Medications can only be brought in and signed for by an adult. They must be picked up at the end of the school year by an adult, or they will be disposed per IOWCS policy. 
The clinic does not keep a stock of OTC medications for students or faculty, and we do not allow students to utilize medications from other students. 
Temp. of 100.0 or greater           Abdominal pain
Rash                                           Ear pain
Red, itchy eyes                           Diarrhea
Vomiting                                      Sore throat
Excessive cough
*Bring documentation to the school, if your student has been evaluated and cleared for return and having these symptoms.*