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Smithfield Athletic Booster Club

Attention Packer Backers,


The Boosters continue to work hard to provide equipment, scholarships, and other needs to our athletic programs. Anyone interested in joining or helping is encouraged to come out to our monthly meetings (dates in the pdf attached below), they are all open to the public.  


We are also trying to make sure our Senior Athletes will get a chance to be a recipient of our scholarships that we give out at the end of the year while also still providing spirit wear, senior yard signs, etc…


We encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Smithfield Athletics Boosters Club.  Memberships, senior gifts, and spirit wear can all be purchased online at www.shspackerbackers.com.  Donations are also accepted.  All these actions help our student athletes.


If you should have questions, please reach out to the following people:


Spiritwear: Marilyn Oliver  [email protected]
President: Janette Jeffrey  [email protected]


Thank you for your support!